Before & After | Disappearing Man!

There he was in plain sight.  That bright blue shirt taunted me.  I stared at the picture, kicking myself for not noticing this man when I shot the picture.  In an otherwise cute picture, there sat a blue-shirted man directly behind Stef.  I was ready to give up on the picture when Richelle volunteered to edit the man out.  As I watched, I saw Richelle so creatively manipulate the photo.  I began to get a headache just watching her.  Editing the man out posed a difficult challenge, but Richelle did it!  She made the man disappear. I was inspired!

I continued editing the rest of the pictures in the series, meticulously editing out the blue-shirted man just as I had watched Richelle.  The best tip I could offer after watching Richelle and editing a few pictures myself is, mask off small areas to work on before using the stamp tool to make unwanted things disappear.

The final picture (Below)

(Below) The picture with the man | The blue-shirted man distracts from the couple, so I obviously had to get rid of him or else I would have tossed the picture.

(Below) The original picture | The day of the engagement session, San Francisco experienced a rare 80 degree afternoon.  Harsh light made color balance and blacks particularly ugly. In editing the picture I adjusted the white balance, exposure, fill light and tone.