12 x 12 | Make a new friend.

imageThis item on my Twelve by 2012 list seemed to be the most difficult, as I have a hard time making friends.  But I'm pretty sure I made a ton of new friends last week when I attended the Feet First + Blogshop workshop in Atlanta at the wonderful Goat Farm Art Center.  There were about 26ish people at the workshop, and everyone was so kind and friendly it made it very easy to make new friends. :) I had so much fun, and everyone meshed so well together.  Can't you tell by our lovely pictures? :)901friends1 My list 1. Read 5 books 2. Sort/donate my clothes 3. Rebrand all my websites and marketing materials 4. Send out packages to friends 5. Have zero emails in my inbox 6. Make a new friend 11/17/11 7. Knit more scarves 8. Teach someone something 11/6/11 9. Sacrifice something for someone 10. Reconnect with my old roommates 11. Write a letter 12. Go to Fort Point