cambodia | beng mealea

By the time I actually arrived in Cambodia, I had been traveling for five days (traveling back from New York, trying to travel but missing my flight and the three days of flights to get to Cambodia).  To arrive in Cambodia I just felt like I was home.  Everything, although foreign, was still somehow familiar.  This is my second time visiting Cambodia, but it's changed so much since three years ago when I last visited.  Cambodia is adjusting to foreign tourists, and somehow it's losing its charm that I first fell in love with three years ago. On my first full day in Cambodia, Richelle and I went to Beng Mealea about two hours northeast by tuk tuk of Siem Reap where we're staying.  I must say, Beng Mealea is freakin awesome.  It's like a juggle gym and the temple in Tomb Raider (Ta Prohm) combined.  You can climb through the ruins or walk on boardwalks through and above the ruins.  I loved it.