a year of love | march.

By the time I returned to New York in late March, Leigh was growing into her little baby bump.  I actually don't have too many milestones as an adult like childbirth or an engagement (30 will be awesome, though), but when I look at the pictures of Leigh and D I just smile.  It's kind of weird to think of myself being a part of their lives at that just point even though I was just taking their picture.  But something really does happen when you're a photographer taking pictures of people.  I really do connect with people.  I have cried over events and pictures too many times to count.  If I'm not crying or smiling I'm usually just sleepy. :) Either way... you can't tell but it was cold when I photographed Leigh and D.  That's what I love about New Yorkers; cold isn't cold until it's bitter cold.  Cold for me is 75 degrees.  Sorry, I'm a wimp.  Leigh showed up wearing her cute outfits and I was wearing a three-quarter length puffy coat and still freezing.  And if you haven't noticed, I'm a slightly fascinated with the clothes pregnant ladies wear.  I think women just look so great in clothes when they're pregnant.  I especially loved Leigh's heart sweater from ASOS.  I would have purchased one, but when I got to the online checkout I wondered how pregnant I'd look wearing it, and opted out... (I've never been pregnant, btw.)

Anyway, for Leigh and D's session we explored SoHo one day then I convinced them to meet up with me again in the Meatpacking District.  Those are two of my favorite areas in New York.  I like how industrial the buildings can look.  (Side note: I love it when people say Houston Street like "How-stun" not "Hue-stun".  I pretend I'm a New Yorker because I know to call it the former and I know that 1st and 3rd is 1st street and 3rd avenue.)

So I love photographing Leigh & D. Wouldn't you? :D  At that time I was so excited to see what Baby C would look like.

This is when D was singing the Seamus song for their dog, Seamus.  Hilarious.

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New York, New York. March 2012 | Canon 5d markii