Photographic Eye Candy

While adventuring the Mission District with Christie, she introduced me to Viracocha SF.  The store is filled with endlessly interesting items.  Every turn and corner was something fascinating ready to be examined and digested by the eye.  The architecture in the store is also stunning as exposed planks cover the interior wallss and a loft sits on top of the front window displays.  An older man played beautiful melodies on a vintage piano as I explored the store.

Adventures with Christie

Christie and I met up in the Mission District in San Francisco for lunch and an afternoon adventure.  We walked by Gracias Madre and decided to check it out.  Whenever either of us had passed it, it was always packed, so we were excited to find a table in their outdoor patio.  We had a pom/apple juice... delicious!  While I was ordering and searching for some carnitas, I realized it was all vegetarian and organic!  Nonetheless, the food was yummy and filling but very light! After lunch we walked around and found some great spots and shops! Hurray.