owning a small business | the best & the worst.

I can honestly say I love my life.  I'm not perfect nor is my life, but it's good for me.  So I own a small business.  It's definitely a glamorous idea, and I am fortunate to experience many of its perks.  It doesn't surprise me that I work for myself.  Looking back on my past, I can see inclinations in my personality that seemed to crave owning a small business.  When I was in elementary school I made book mark out of contact paper; after another girl said she'd pay for one, I made a whole lot of them and sold them to friends.  I seemed to always be thinking of how I could create a product to sell.  In college I took meticulous notes in my classes and sold them to my classmates before midterms and finals.  (errr... maybe I wasn't an entrepreneur. maybe I just wanted to make money off people.  oops!)

Either way owning is both wonderful and difficult.

the BEST

  1. I make my own hours. I love that I can work whenever and wherever I want. 
  2. I have no boss.  I am my own boss!
  3. I have the freedom and time to travel.
  4. I get to go out on weekdays when the sun is out and stores/restaurants/museums are less crowded.
  5. I have great clients that I get to interact with personally.
  6. I created a way of income that makes me constantly happy.
  7. I do what I want and don't do what I don't want.
  8. I feel so fulfilled.  I experience the direct result of hard work.
  9. Waking up everyday knowing I can do whatever I want.
  10. I get to sit in my pajamas all day.


  1. I work everyday.  I work 60-80 hours a week.  I do love what I do, though.  So I'd trade a 9-5 at a job I disliked for my life now.
  2. I have no co-workers.  It's been difficult to make friends and be social when you work by yourself, but I've collected a solid (and amazing/wonderful/super) group of friends in the photography/wedding industry that are better than any coworkers I could imagine.
  3. Sometimes there is no time to travel.  Sometimes clients and deadlines constrict my schedule. Still, I'm blessed for the opportunities I've had.
  4. I don't always get to spend time with friends on weeknights or weekends because I'm working or meeting with clients on those days.  Thankfully my friends still love me.
  5. Every blue moon I have a mean client.  But really, one great client (and most all my clients are awesome) makes the mean client completely bearable.
  6. Working for yourself is unstable and a big investment.  That's when savings and budgeting and friends who need second shooters is awesome.
  7. Sometimes there's no work.   But that's usually reason for a vacation! woot!
  8. I sit in my pajamas all day. woops. (Today I'm wearing a fleece adult onesie, but that's just between you and me.)

I started this business because I wanted to make a living doing something I loved.   If you're thinking of starting your own business and have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I don't know a lot, but I know some stuff.  And I think if you're willing to work hard and do a little sacrificing, owning your own business can be a very rewarding life for you.  I wouldn't trade this life for anything.