I love that at 3:08am I can check my facebook and gchat and see that I'm not the only person in the world up. And not only do I love that people are up, but I love that all these people are photographers. I often see these people online.. Bobby Earle // Darien Chin // Nicole Hill // Junshine Lau // Cherish Hope // Richelle Dante // my sister (she's not a photographer...but mixbook is pretty much the same industry)


My sleep schedule is as follows: 4am   sleep 6.5am   my alarm rings and I hit snooze 9.5am   my alarm goes off...... and get to work. 11am   eat! 2pm   nap! 3pm   work! 5pm   I eat supper while watching Gilmore Girls 6pm   work...... 4am   repeat.

Day 104: Sincere Happiness.

There's something about a child's happiness that is just so evidently sincere. There's something even more sincere about a lil pup's happiness. This, I see whenever my sister walks her dog, Duff. Every time he gets close to the dog park, you can see his anticipation and excitement rise... which is a little strange to me because you can tell all this from just body language. Anyways here he is, enjoying the simplest of joys--running around. 198day104a