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I got rain but I got shineI might be old but I still got time even when the words don't rhyme I still hear a love song

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Oh how I'm thankful. I returned from Alt feeling alive.  I cannot describe how refreshing my trip was.  I connected with some amazing, like-minded ladies, caught up with my dear friend and really learned how to appreciate the people in my life.  My heart is overflowing.  I am overjoyed.  For once in a long time I feel like I capable of moving forward.  I feel excited to tackle the life ahead of me.

So here is my Thursday, Jan 30 list of thanks.  I am thankful for… - Ribs. Because who doesn't love ribs. Give me some pork ribs or beef ribs and I'm a happy girl. - My dad. It's taken some time but he and I are developing our own little rhythms. And these rhythms make me happy. From taking walks to going to church together to going to the post office to taking out the garbage. - Hang outs with my sisters. Now that I don't live with any of them (or any women). I miss talking and catching up. It's so fun to see how they've been. And I have to admit I actually do miss them. - Early morning and late night and mid-afternoon talks with my man friend. He perks up my days and keeps me grounded and calls me out when I'm being lame. A good boyfriend all around. He definitely makes me a better person. (Everyone in my life, you can thank him for that. haha.) - Kind hearts. When I attended Alt Summit I was surprised how kind and open everyone was. It encouraged me to be more open and sweet in my behavior. These amazing and talented ladies pretty much made my trip… you should definitely check out their blogs for some dose of awesome. Monique. Holly. Andrea. Bonnie. Laicie. Jeran. (Hello, don't these ladies also have some freakin awesome names?) - My fuji x100s because let's be honest… It's great for my back and my craft. Carrying around my big camera was killing my back, so I wasn't using it aside from work. Now that I have a small camera, I bring it everywhere and am now taking a lot more daily pictures. I love the quality of it, and I love that I'm free to take it anywhere and everywhere. (But… maybe I might trade in my x100s for a xe2??) - Sunny days. I loved the chilly weather of Utah. But I'm thankful to be back in 72 degree weather. - And last but not least, my faith, of course. Without God I am nothing. And because of Him I will carry on.  He is the source of my strength and hope, and I will never run out of things to thank Him for.


The lyrics above are from the song, Everything I'll Ever Need by the cast of Nashville. Oh how I love Nashville (and country music. yay!)

alt summit 2014 | the business of business cards.

So one of the big things about Alt Summit is the business cards and the swag.  Leading up to the conference I was wracking my brain for business card ideas.  My normal business card is pretty simple, so I knew I had do something special and different for my alt cards.  I decided to include pictures on one side of my business card and my blog/website info on the other side.  I also made a note that I was a photographer and traveler so people would know what my job was and what my blog was about.  I had little buttons made to include with my business card, a pink one that said "love always" and another that had my paper plane logo on it.  I had a lot of fun talking with other bloggers and seeing what they came up with for their designs.

Alt was such a wonderful place to cultivate relationships with other bloggers as well as the perfect prescription for any lack of inspiration.  Alt was alright as a conference, but the networking and connections I made really made the conference worth it to me.  I can't wait to share more about my experience at alt in future posts.

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Cards and goodies from Me | Little RetreatsDamask LoveGladys Happy Pace | Elita | Design + Life + Kids Magical Day Weddings | Frock Files  | In Jackie's Shoes |  Quinn Cooper Style | Holly Hickey Moore Alt Summit Business Cards

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Legal Miss Sunshine | Suburban Bitches | Moorea Seal | Design Lotus | Sparrow Soirees Summer Wick | Commona My House | Jacolyn Murphy | Fletcher and Fox | Hands Occupied | Style & Pepper Alt Summit Business Cards

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This is some swag from bareMinerals (that I received at my Collectively dinner and a mini party) as well as samples from Bremenn Clinical. Alt Summit Business Cards

pictures taken with my fabulous Fuji x100s

food for the creative bug.

Last week I attended Alt SF, a conference for bloggers (and creatives and creative entrepreneurs!) and it was amazing. To kick off the festivities, some of the sponsors hosted intimate dinners.  Each attendee got to pick their dinner, and when posed with the option, I chose Creative Bug.  Boy did I choose well!  I went with Creative Bug because I felt like it would host the people most like me... creative people who had a thing for pretty things and the desire to learn more.  Creative Bug is a production company that brings crafty and artsy tutorials to people through the internet.  I love the idea of it, and from meeting the people of Creative Bug I could tell they put their heart and souls (and some extra doses of laughter) into their work.  That's exactly the kind of people I want to be surrounded by. I walked in pretty nervous, not know a single soul, but was greeted with the cutest wood pin with my name already on it...  When I walked into their office, there was pretty everywhere.  I just about died.  The moment I walked in I knew I made the right choice for dinner.

The company, the food and the conversation were the perfect way to spend a night out in the city.

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All the delicious food and drinks were provided by Fork & Spoon. (yum!) Visit Creative Bug here.

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