I found it.

It's about 3:30am here in Austin, Texas. I'm sitting here by the ticket counter waiting for the airport to literally open. Evidently it's closed now. The doors to the outside are closed; there are gates blocking all the entrances to the terminals. And I'm the only one here who isn't working.... Anyway, during my visit to the McNay Modern Art Museum, I found the Matthew Maconahay accent. Wonderful! It was exactly where Mr. El Paso said it was! Lo and behold, it was a man from Fort Worth. Spot on, Mr. El Paso man. Spot on!


Hi. I'm sitting here in the Austin airport. I had no idea that airports close. Did you?? This one evidently does. There aren't any people at the counters and the self-check-ins don't turn back on until 3:30am which is about another five hours from now. I have a flight at 6:30am local time and guess how I'm killing time?

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This reminds me of a previous post.