I have a love-hate relationship with Sonics. Sonic commercials are ALWAYS on. Now, that wouldn't be so bad if there was one close to where I live, but for a long time I had no idea even where the closest one was! Four years ago when I found out there was one near Davis (about an hour and half north of here), I tried it for the first time... and it was as delicious as it looked on tv. I instantly fell in love with the limeades and tots. yum! That was the first time I ate at Sonics. The second time I ate at Sonics was five months ago in El Paso, Texas. Yeah... that just shows you how accessible Sonics is to me.

Finally a Sonics was built in Gilroy which is an hour and half south of where I live, but near the outlet mall... which gave me more of a reason to go as opposed to the other one near Davis (which is out in the middle of no where). Needless to say, it was not until a Sonics was built in Hayward (about twenty minutes away) that I finally ate at Sonics for my THIRD time.


(p.s. I used to have similar experiences with Walmart. We'd always get Walmart ads in the newspaper, and I used to think... "What's Walmart? Where are those things? Why haven't I ever seen one before?")

I found it.

It's about 3:30am here in Austin, Texas. I'm sitting here by the ticket counter waiting for the airport to literally open. Evidently it's closed now. The doors to the outside are closed; there are gates blocking all the entrances to the terminals. And I'm the only one here who isn't working.... Anyway, during my visit to the McNay Modern Art Museum, I found the Matthew Maconahay accent. Wonderful! It was exactly where Mr. El Paso said it was! Lo and behold, it was a man from Fort Worth. Spot on, Mr. El Paso man. Spot on!

TEXAS, where is your Matthew Maconahay accent?

I am in TEXAS! I love it. I've come here and increased my desire to move away from California. For the past year and a half I have been itching to move out of California. It's not that I don't love my family or friends, it's just that I'm not a city girl by any means. (well... at least not in my opinion) I long to live in a town. I long to be surrounded by wilderness, mountains or forests. And, even though Texas does not have an abundance of mountains or forest, it feeds my adventure-filled heart with excitement and happiness.

I am ready to move. Only God knows where or when, but it's going to happen. I guarantee it.



p.s. I've been wondering, "Where is that Matthew Maconahay accent?" because the Texans in San Antonio and El Paso and along I-10 sure don't have it. Neither do the Houston people... so I need to ask, where are all your people with the Texan drawl? Holler at your California girl.

p.p.s. Evidently there's quite a few Texan men who like the California-Asian girl combo. <3