I have endless amounts of pictures from my europe trip this past summer. In retrospect I wish I more pictures of the people. I have a lot of interesting videos, though. As an architecture student, I've always regretted choosing not to study abroad. At the time I thought it was a wise decision because I couldn't afford it.... but now I know that going into debt would have been worth it. Either way, I made the most of my 3 week trip to europe. I really enjoyed myself. If anyone goes to italy, you MUST go to Cinque Terre; Cinque Terre is the nickname give to a group of 5 coastal cities, Riomaggio, La Spezia, and three other names that elude me at the moment. Anyway.. this place is gorgeous! See for yourself....




Another city I enjoyed was Venice. Our hostel was a little hole in the wall... literally. It was in a ally, but our rooms were beautiful. The ceilings were high; the fresh air and the noises of venice were great to fall asleep to.

This is my beautiful cousin, looking our hostel room window. (we had a double. for cheap! $30 american dollars). I realize that she's a great model! I had fun taking pictures of her. 021venice1.jpg

this was just beautiful.. I wish we had so much history here in the u.s. 020cinqueterre3.jpg

I love how this looks, the contrast of the modern red chairs and the old and intricate cathedral in the background. 021venice21.jpg

There were pigeons everywhere. I love the expression of the girl on the right. 021venice3.jpg

This was kind of a cool scene... People covered in pigeons. It was very disgusting, though. People paid these vendors money to hold bird feed. The pigeons would flock to the people. Gross! 021venice4.jpg

Anyway... my sister's thirtieth birthday party was on saturday, so I'll be able to post pictures of my screen printing adventures soon! Oh... and I've made some really cute cards, too!

blog to you soon!