I made a very wise decision one day to buy a LOMO fisheye camera. I love how these pictures from my europe trip came out. The quality isn't so good, but it gives the photographs a lot of personality. (And, I don't have a scanner, so I had to take a picture of the hard copies) Either, way I'm really pleased I brought this camera with me to Europe (along with my small point and shoot)


As I said in this post, trusty shoes, my vans have traveled with me to many places. There are so many times that I miss the places I've traveled. Oftentimes, I find myself "itching" to travel somewhere. I was in Europe for 24 days on a $2500 budget (including airfare, hotel, train, food.. everything!). It was such an amazing experience. I just want to share with you some of these wonderful memories. Wherever I go, I try to photograph my feet/shoes to remember where my feet have been. In the early morning of one of our days in Paris, we decided to ride this huge ferris wheel to view Paris. So of course I had to take a picture of my feet with the Eiffel Tower and Paris in the background. At the top of the wheel I took it!

That day, we had also ventured out the Louvre. It was exciting. On the subway and walking there, there were tons of people headed to view the Louvre as well. There was soooo much excitement. By the time we had gone to Paris, it was already day 19 or something of our trip... which meant... We already had 19 or something days of old European art. Bleh. We were exhausted physically and tired of the art. Sad, huh? Anyway.. we went to the the outside of the Louvre which was pretty awesome for me anyway... There were a bunch of spots to look down into museum from ground level.

As I said, we had become tired of museums and old European art, so by the time we got to Paris, the only museums we wanted to go to were unique, modern or free. This museum below was free. The architecture of the museum was beautiful. I love the history of the architecture. (Hey! I'm an architecture buff, not an old European Art buff)

I took this picture at the Pompidu Centre. It was such a great moment. Everything around us was peaceful and quiet. It was as if everything had stopped to see the sun setting behind the Eiffel Tower. I can feel the peace deep in my hear when I look at this picture.

A must on our things to see was the Cathedral Notre Dame. It was as beautiful as I could have ever imagined. (It was infested with tourists though, so it kind of killed the experience. We were traveling in September/October, the off season, so I could not imagine what it must have been like in high season. bleh) I love the contrast of bright stained glass and the dark nooks and confessional areas.

This was our life for 3.5 weeks. It was tough, but it was well worth it! Somehow I packed really light (less stuff than my traveling buddies) but ended up with the heaviest pack. It was 35 pounds at the start of our trip and nearly 45 by the end. I got a great work out. And, I wore sandals (flip flops) most of the time! It can be done!

Oh .. I love to travel. I'll be in New York next month! Hurray!

trusty shoes

Do any of you have a pair of great shoes? Now I'm talking about those kinds of shoes you wear when you know you're going to be walking a lot or that pair that you instantly think of when you starting picking out your outfit for you relaxing day? Well... these babies are those shoes for me!

These are brown and baby blue checkered slip-on vans. I swear by these babies! I didn't even want them. They're not the shoes that I had been eyeing in stores or admiring on other people's shoes. They were on sale, but I didn't even buy them because of that. My friend, Ed, wanted another pair of Vans slip ons, and there was a two for $40 or something kind of sale. I bought my pair so that he could get the discount.

Needless to say, whether the reasons were that I bought the shoes... I've been in love with them since...

They've... - seen the beach - been to Europe - been to Japan - been to New York - walked me home from my architecture studios at the wee hours of the mornings - climbed mountains - touched the Aegean Sea

Oh how I love these. If any of you are traveling... buy these shoes. They have lots of colors and patterns. I've had these for about three years, and they've been real good to me.


I have endless amounts of pictures from my europe trip this past summer. In retrospect I wish I more pictures of the people. I have a lot of interesting videos, though. As an architecture student, I've always regretted choosing not to study abroad. At the time I thought it was a wise decision because I couldn't afford it.... but now I know that going into debt would have been worth it. Either way, I made the most of my 3 week trip to europe. I really enjoyed myself. If anyone goes to italy, you MUST go to Cinque Terre; Cinque Terre is the nickname give to a group of 5 coastal cities, Riomaggio, La Spezia, and three other names that elude me at the moment. Anyway.. this place is gorgeous! See for yourself....




Another city I enjoyed was Venice. Our hostel was a little hole in the wall... literally. It was in a ally, but our rooms were beautiful. The ceilings were high; the fresh air and the noises of venice were great to fall asleep to.

This is my beautiful cousin, looking our hostel room window. (we had a double. for cheap! $30 american dollars). I realize that she's a great model! I had fun taking pictures of her. 021venice1.jpg

this was just beautiful.. I wish we had so much history here in the u.s. 020cinqueterre3.jpg

I love how this looks, the contrast of the modern red chairs and the old and intricate cathedral in the background. 021venice21.jpg

There were pigeons everywhere. I love the expression of the girl on the right. 021venice3.jpg

This was kind of a cool scene... People covered in pigeons. It was very disgusting, though. People paid these vendors money to hold bird feed. The pigeons would flock to the people. Gross! 021venice4.jpg

Anyway... my sister's thirtieth birthday party was on saturday, so I'll be able to post pictures of my screen printing adventures soon! Oh... and I've made some really cute cards, too!

blog to you soon!