There are treasures waiting to be found at urban ore. I found thes babies... A wonderful slide holder (that I thought I could use for holding my gadgets and prismacolor pens and what not). It was a cute case with a lot of character to it. yay! the outside (i think it says elijah).... 28urbanorefind1.jpg

the buckle thingy... 28urbanorefind2.jpg

open and behold! 28urbanorefind3.jpg

the outside's beat up... but the inside's good as new! 28urbanorefind4.jpg



And I got a whole posse of vintage/weathered envelopes! I actually needed some in this size! 28urbanorefind7.jpg

Not shown are some great photographs that I picked up as well!! You can find marvelous things at urban ore. Everything... the caddy, the envelopes and some photographs for $3.