There are treasures waiting to be found at urban ore. I found thes babies... A wonderful slide holder (that I thought I could use for holding my gadgets and prismacolor pens and what not). It was a cute case with a lot of character to it. yay! the outside (i think it says elijah).... 28urbanorefind1.jpg

the buckle thingy... 28urbanorefind2.jpg

open and behold! 28urbanorefind3.jpg

the outside's beat up... but the inside's good as new! 28urbanorefind4.jpg



And I got a whole posse of vintage/weathered envelopes! I actually needed some in this size! 28urbanorefind7.jpg

Not shown are some great photographs that I picked up as well!! You can find marvelous things at urban ore. Everything... the caddy, the envelopes and some photographs for $3.

urban ore

I love junk. I'll be honest. There's this one junk yard that's really great. It's called urban ore. It's actually so great... literally making treasures out of other people's trash. They get donations from people for all these random things. It's such an adventure to go see what new things have been added! Also, it's a great feeling to find something really amazing (well at least to me) check it out: urban ore

I like it because... 1. it has weird things that I like to look at 2. I find little doo dads that I can use for my crafts (and what not) 3. there are old things there that I want... like camera lenses.. or glass containers

Here are some things there that I thought were cool (another post will come about the different wonderful finds I've gotten from urban ore)

so our adventure begins! 22urbanore01.jpg












good bye!