I've had the luxury and opportunity to travel to many of the places I've wanted. And although I haven't traveled completely by myself.... I have spent a lot of my time traveling alone. I almost take it for granted because I figure when people envy that I travel, I envy that they have jobs and stability. It's a win/win situation, I think.

Recently, I've really been convicted. My dad is likely to go to Sicily for work for three weeks. He'll probably be missing Thanksgiving. If you know my dad, he loves the holidays and being with family, so I know this business trip will be hard for him. He has the opportunity to look all through Sicily and even travel around Italy after the trip. The thing is... he doesn't want to travel alone, so although I know my dad would love to see all the sights of Rome, Florence, Venice... etc. he probably won't be able to because he wants to take in the scenery with some company. With that said... I wish that I wasn't traveling when he was, so that I could go with him so he could appreciate all of Italy. So sad... I know.

Just so you know..... my thirst for new things, musicals, the arts, museums.... it's all from my dad. I wish he could travel more.