Art and I spent one of those (rare) warm, sunny afternoons on the embarcadero along the water.  We found ourselves walking around and taking in the sights.  Before we knew it, we needed to pee.  Whenever I'm in the embarcadero area by Market Street, I have a hard time finding a public restroom so Art showed me his secret (clean) public bathroom. He led me to the Hyatt, showing me the men's and women's restrooms on the ground level.  Then motioned me to follow him up the escalators to the "fancy restrooms".  I ascended the escalators to discover this fabulous lobby.  This lovely gem of a lobby had me standing in awe.  I love architecture.  I miss architecture.  I wondered what the construction documents looked like for this building.  I wondered what the details were for the open hallways.

I love how the 24mm tilt-shift lens capture it all.

ferry building farmers market

If you've never experienced the Ferry Building Farmers Market in San Francisco (the Embarcadero stop on BART), boy, are you missing out! There is a wide variety of fruits, cheeses and other types of food to buy. The best thing is... you get to sample almost everything! The farmers market is a great place to find local or California-grown produce. It's a great San Francisco thing to experience. I can't wait to go again. Here is more information about the Ferry Building Farmers Market Click on wee little thumbnails below for more pictures!