Squirrel: cute or killer?


What do you think? I've always thought squirrels were cute.  The other day I was trying to feed one.  I had some pretzels in my purse and proceeded to throw some at this bushy-tailed creature.  I ran out of goodies so the little guy ran away.  I took out my purse and searched for some goodies, and the squirrel came back!  It waited patiently on its hind legs with a "please give me some tasty treats" look on his face.  I was still going through my purse when he jumped on me!  I was so shocked I didn't know what to do.  He kept climbing up my leg.  I tried moving away but he wouldn't get off.  What seemed like minutes later, he finally jumped off and ran to his tree.  

I was shocked this little guy was so fearless to jump on me like that.  My friends were also in shock... as were all the other pedestrians who walked by asking me if that squirrel really had jumped on me.  :)



first picture from here.  second picture from here.