Katy & Dan

Katy and Dan are my friends from college. Ever since I met them I thought they belonged together. They were three years ahead of me in school; when I first met them they were on their "break". Long after they had graduated, they rekindled their love and got engaged a couple years later. Katy is an avid traveler, even more so since she became a flight attendant, and a lover of all things Hawaiian so it was only natural that she and Dan got married in Hawaii. Here are a view shots I snapped as a guest I had the honor of helping her mother, who was also the florist, set up the ceremony site in Kaneohe.

This was a traditional japanese arch that was rented. There is a bamboo cross, made by the father of the bride, behind it. The mother of the bride designed the placement of the leis.

Isn't this floral arrangement on the reception table beautiful? This is was designed/made by the mother of the bride

My sister-in-law drew this on a shrimp truck on the north shore

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