Second Shooting.

I love the challenge of second shooting.

I recently second shot for my friend, David, of DK Photography.  It's been more than a year since I second shot a wedding, but I never forget how much I love it.  Don't get me wrong, I love being the main shooter, but second-shooting is a whole other skill.  As a second shooter I must have a whole other mindset.  My ultimate goal isn't to get "the shot", it's to do whatever I can to help the main shooter... and love that role of supporting a colleague. :)

Bonnie and Vince

A few weekends ago, I had the privilege of attending Bonnie and Vince's wedding as guest. Vince's brother did an amazing job officiating the ceremony. The day was highlighted with the moments that Bonnie and Vince shared, including the tremendous journey they experienced together. Over the years that led up to their marriage, God worked in their relationship, finally bringing them together to this day to celebrate their marriage. Their wedding made me want to cry. It was beautiful.

august adventure 6: Jenn & Tim, Fort Ransom, North Dakota wedding teaser

Dance of Nomad: Day 4, Fort Ransom, North Dakota On Saturday, I went off to Fort Ransom, North Dakota to shoot a wedding with Katie Lewis.  The wedding was gorgeous, and it was such a delight to be a part of such a special day.  While Katie was shooting the bride, I shot the groom, the men and the groom's father, Tom, but here is one picture from the first look.

Wedded Bliss

Seattle Day 5 So the main reason for going to Seattle was to attend the wedding of my friend Ryan. However, I would not have not attended if it wasn't for my cousins who live in the area because.... I did not know a single person at the wedding except for Ryan.  I've never even met his wife. hahah.  The crowd was definitely not of the Americanize culture and most of the people were in the early twenties or of my parents age.  After trying to make friends for the awkward hour between the ceremony and reception, I ducked out to the restaurant's bar for some alone time.  When I returned for the reception, I discovered I was the 9th wheel.  :(

But despite my awkwardness, I had fun witnessing the marriage of Ryan and Jill.  It was a beautiful ceremony at the Golf Course at Newcastle.  The last two pictures are of the view at about 6pm and at 9pm (sunset).  How gorgeous was this venue?!