God is Faithful

I'll admit that many of the vacations I take have been the result of something going on in my life. And, although I love to travel, I sometimes do it to "get away". This vacation was probably the quintessential "get away" vacation. (thus the 23 day vacation) I've been going through some things lately that have been hard to deal with, so I did what came natural to me. I ran away. (haha. yeah I know. immature) Needless to say, the issues that have seemed to plague my life for the past year and half have caught up with me now, towards the end of this trip. I've spent the last two hours exhausted in bed, trying to sort through my life. I am dreading my return home, fully aware of the problems I'll have to face. Honestly, I don't know how I can possibly deal with any of it, except by the grace of God.

So that leads me into this.... I know that only through God can I find peace and happiness, so while repeating Romans 5:5 over and over in my head, I will do the third(the first, looking to God; the second, writing) thing that almost always makes me happy---make a list of all the things I'm thankful for.

I am thankful for.... - going to the beach and finding that the water is very shallow and very warm - a comfortable bed (as opposed to a futon that 55 other people have slept on.. more on that later) - a friend who believes in the power of prayer - wix.com - bug repellant (more on this later, too) - God's faithfulness

With that.. I'll leave you with this picture... There is always something to be happy about and always something to be thankful for. (I'm thankful I have both my legs.) picture originally posted here