new york | people watching at the moma

I love museums.  I love art museums.  I love modern art museums. I couldn't tell you how I first started loving museums, maybe it's a trait I inherited from my Dad.  But I could get lost in museums.  I could sketch and take pictures endlessly if you put me in a museum.  When I was in New York back in April I decided to visit their MOMA and I loved how alive I felt when I stepped through the doors.  Being surrounded by art just feels so right.  (I have this little secret that I collect prints/artwork from independent artists.  I have tons of pieces saved up for when I have lots of wall space.  For now the prints live in a safe spot in my bedroom.)

One thing that did intrigue me about this museum were the amount of people who seriously studied the artwork.  I wondered what each person thought about each piece.  I wondered if it spoke to them, and if it, how it moved them.  It was fascinating.

Visiting the MOMA was such an inspiring experience.

in honor of FREE museum day

This post is in honor of my favorite days of the month! The first Sundays, Wednesdays and Tuesdays in San Francisco offer free museum days. I love it. Guess what tomorrow is!? Free museum day. The moma (shown below) is one of the museums free on tuesday. Click on the images below to enlarge. Check out the schedule!