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I returned from India last friday after more than 24 hours of traveling. I'm back home and thoroughly jet-lagged, but thankfully despite my exhaustion I'm waking up early in the morning and going to bed around 10pm. I'm doing my best to catch up with all my work and emails. But I'm still on such a high from India I still wanted to share some images to my faithful blog readers. For these recent India posts I've chosen random images that really spoke to me. Today I realized all the images were of people and in b&w, so for a slight change today, I kept this image in color.

As you can probably tell, this was a beggar/vendor (I couldn't always tell the difference between the two) who we encountered in New Delhi on our first day of sightseeing at our first stop. It was overwhelming. I am a person that enjoys the comfort of having people an arms length away. Any time I've been in an Asian country I've had to fight anxiety and claustrophobia.  Everyone is jammed packed and these vendors/beggars especially do not have any sense of personal space.  At some points I felt like crying from all the people all up in my grill and following me.  Thankfully as an Asian person (I assume) I still had much better luck maneuvering through crowds than my blonde, blue-eyed friends.

Anyway amongst all the chaos of the vendors/beggars I caught the gaze of this little baby (who like everyone else stared into my soul).  It was kind of a strange, this little moment of quiet in the thick of color, crowd and noise.  I quite fancy it.

Until I get all caught up on my work, I won't be able to post proper recaps of my trip.  But until then I'll be posting these little glimpses into my trip. Yay.

india | the impromptu tour guide

In New Dehli we visited what is known as "Little" Taj Mahal, Humayun's Tomb.  And upon reaching the site I was greeted by this man.  I had fallen behind my group and this man took it upon himself to be my (and some other random tourists') tour guide.  I immediately noticed his warm nature as he told us of the history of the tomb.  I am always attracted to older people.  Their worldly eyes and weathered skin tell such a story.  

The people I encountered in India, like this men, were so kind.  India was great.