RPTE 38: People

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 14: Cambodia

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The best thing about the Raddest Photo Trip Ever was meeting and interacting with the locals. This particular man at Bayon Temple was exceptionally kind. I love old people.

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Day 072: Practice makes Perfect

164day072You could imagine, that with my background in architecture, my eye for photography is naturally inspired by architecture and lines. As I try to become a well-rounded photographer, I'm trying to photograph people more. I have every intention to some day be able to go up to perfect strangers and ask them if I can photograph them. Although I'm not at that point right now, I often take stealthy pictures of people or (like the photo in this post) capture people in my architectural photographs. This is me trying to photograph people more often and slowly working up the courage to ask people if I can photograph them.