it was a great day

it was a great day. =) I spent most of the day with the ladies of my family: my four sisters, my niece and mother (sadly, my sister-in-law) couldn't make it. We had some lunch, then two of my sisters had a prior engagement, so the rest of us watched "The Holiday" with Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Cameron Diaz. It was a lovely movie, and I managed to make several earrings during the movie. We watched "The Chronicles of Narnia", which I fell asleep during. Then we ate dinner and everyone went their separate ways. I went to watch Felicity, Season 1 and continued to make earrings. I'm at about 15 right now. I'm really satisfied with all of them... I'm tempted to keep a few. They'll soon be added to my etsy. Until then, I hope the suspense doesnt aggrevate you. =)