Day 075: Punakaiki

Oh, hello, New Zealand! One of the first amazing New Zealand south island sites we visited was the Punakaiki Pancake Rock Formations. Absolutely amazing. It's really quite crazy to stare into the horizon and imagine that Antarctica isn't too far away. The view from these formations was breathtaking. I wish I had more time to just sit and appreciate the experience. 167day075a




every morning...

I am blessed with wonderful friends. First and foremost, I flew into New York and because my flight was delayed, I arrived at my friend's place at almost 4am. And, guess what I found when I arrived? My dear friend waited up for me. He arrived from his flight at almost midnight. Anyway, we had a grand time. My little air mattress bed was warm and comfy. I went to bed every night to the roaring sounds of a great city.

But the icing on the cake.... waking up to this view (the pictures above) every morning.

top picture: uptown bottom picture: the west side of manhattan and the hudson...