Day 212: Another relaxing day...

[ New York/Texas Trip ]: Day 20 I had an absolutely amazing time in Corpus Christi. I got super tan and got eaten up by tons of little bug bites. The thing about Corpus Christi that I loved was.... The water is soooo shallow and warm that I could go way out into the ocean. I kept finding tons of tiny little hermit crabs. There was a lot of tasty seafood. Corpus Christi is a cute beach town. You can drive on the beach. :)

This will be my last picture from my New York/Texas Trip, but I spent two more days in Texas after this day in Corpus Christi.



Day 075: Punakaiki

Oh, hello, New Zealand! One of the first amazing New Zealand south island sites we visited was the Punakaiki Pancake Rock Formations. Absolutely amazing. It's really quite crazy to stare into the horizon and imagine that Antarctica isn't too far away. The view from these formations was breathtaking. I wish I had more time to just sit and appreciate the experience. 167day075a