A couple months back, Lance and I attended our friends, Paul & Stephanie's, wedding in Virginia.  Their ceremony was at St. Luke's Historic Church, which is one of the oldest protestant churches and the first brick church in America.  While Lance and the rest of the bridal party were rehearsing, I went exploring the grounds at the church.  I was enthralled by the historic aspects of the graves and property.  It was a little overcast that day so I my experience was a little eerie but so serene.  I walked through the grave-sites noting the dates on headstones and appreciating their natural decay. 


Historic St. Luke's Church, Smithfield, Virginia. May 1, 2015 | Fuji x100s

august adventure 24: the airport, my second home.

Dance of a Nomad: Day 14, Virginia Airports.  Don't you just love them?  As an architecture student, airports were those project designed by my creatively brilliant classmates.  I saw airports as expressions of a city's wealth or fame or personality.  The best cities erected modern, innovative and sleek airports, and, of course, the only airports worth mentioning were international.  A mere domestic airport meant that respective city lacked significance in the world.  But oh, how I'd drool over a well-designed airport.

Now as a photographer and traveler, I see airports much differently.  To me, airports are a place for me to watch the physical dialogue between cultures.  I sit waiting for my flight watching the planes take off and land.. hauling people from other cities, other states, other countries.  I watch as these people walk through the airport, interacting with themselves and with others.  I listen to the sweet medley of accents and languages as they meld together forming the calming white noise of the airport.

I love airports.

On my way to Pennsylvania from New York, I made a short stop in Virginia where I met up with my girlfriend, Katie Martin.  Virginia was beautiful, and I was sad to be there only for a short while.  I snapped these pictures while waiting to meet up with my other friend.

I love airports.

august adventure 20: my travels in motion

Dance of a Nomad: all of august. I just got a new phone in July, so for the first time in four months (my point and shoot died) I've been able to shoot video.  I was inspired to shoot the little bits of my travels, quite literally.  There are clips of my different modes of transportation, and pictures at the end.

Song: "The Longer I Run" by Peter Bradley Adams

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/14654505 w=720&h=480]