Before & After | the wide angle shot.

I'm always proud to post my before and after pictures because most of the time I don't think I can achieve those after pictures.  Those "after" pictures are serious accomplishments for me. Before I start an editing project like this or one that requires a lot of work (like a disappearing man), I'm not always sure I can accomplish what I set out to do. It's very challenging for me, so my pride comes from "I really didn't think I could do it." Leigh Erin and her mister's maternity shoot was a lot of fun on the streets of soho. The problem was that I like to shoot really wide shots and there were so many cars on the streets that day, that I couldn't get the shot I wanted (the "after" picture). Instead, I photographed the left "before" picture and a couple days later shot the right "before" picture when the street was empty. When I tried to merge the two pictures I came across problems.  I eventually figured each out, but at certain points I doubted the "after" picture could be done. - Because the pictures were taken at two different times, the color and lighting was off. - The images were shot in two different perspectives. - Leigh Erin's feet are missing in the original picture





Vancouver | working on holiday

Yep. That's right.

I worked on my holiday in Vancouver.  And honestly, I was delighted to work.  I found an amazing coffee shop with the BEST sandwich and BEST white hot chocolate I've ever had.  The light in the coffee shop was beautiful, too!  But even better was my hotel room.  The queen-sized bed I parked my butt on to work.  Or the big arm charm that faced the harbor.  Both were perfect for editing.  And the light in the room was just dreamy.

So now as I sit at home working, I find it difficult to edit.  Le sigh.  Been having intense editor's block.

I crave to be back in my hotel room, the fresh air flowing to the room from the harbor.  The sounds of the shore calling out me.  The light warming my bare toes.

Before & After | Erin!

For the most part, I don't do a lot of editing on my pictures, if anything just color and white balance.  However, when I saw this picture of Erin, I knew it need some umph!  The first picture is the finished product. The second one is straight out of camera.

Here's what I did: - Shooting in raw, the picture is really flat, so for pop I fixed the white balance. Increased the blacks and the whites and added some contrast. I boosted the vibrance a bit, as well. - The grass was very ugly so I cleaned it up with a combination of the stamp tool, patch tool and the good old cut and paste. - The combination of the pose and my angle made Erin look bigger than she was, so I tweaked her body a bit to make it look more like her. - I wanted Erin to stand out, so I brightened her hair and darkened the grass. - It still didn't look dynamic enough. I wish I had shot the picture from a higher vantage point. I compensated by increasing the canvas size and adding in tons of grass. Now that you know you can probably notice a pattern in the grass. Woops. :)

So that's what I did!

Before & After | warm, summer seattle sunset

Below is an edit of picture from the Golf Course at Newcastle right outside of Bellvue.  The picture straight out of camera is decent.  I loved the colors, but thought it was too blue and wanted to see more of the golf course.  I don't know how to technically take a picture that could expose the sky and ground to my liking (or if it's even possible), so I relied on my editing knowledge.   I can't exactly remember how I got the "after" picture, but I accomplished what I wanted.  The picture is warm and subtly shows off the foreground.  fun! Before


Editor's Paradise.

Did you know I edit pictures? Well, I do! I edit for Junshien Photography, and it's an editor's paradise. There's never a shortage of work.  Junshien is so organized and easy to work with. Much of the time his couples are gorgeous, like Susan and Daniel. Here's one of Junshien's many engagement sessions (that I edited! woot!).

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