The Spot.

Bernal Heights Park was THE spot to shoot.  Lee and Stef often took their dog, Jax, to this spot.  One day, almost a year ago, Stef thought she and Lee were just taking a routine walk to the park.  Lee was video taping the whole thing for his "video screensaver", and Stef never thought twice about it.  They hiked up the hill, and finally reached the top, with 180 degrees of San Francisco cityscape, where Lee setup up the camera on a tripod.  And it was then that he got down on one knee and proposed. I really loved Lee and Stef's story, getting to know them as I shot their engagement session.  Bernal Park was our final location for the day, and although the wind and pollen were out, I loved shooting them in this spot that meant so much to them.

They are just too cute! Can't wait to show more pictures from their shoot!