RPTE 37: Temple Frenzy.

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 14: Cambodia

This particular day was our first full day of temples in Cambodia! It was glorious.

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I love the contrast between this leaf that was once alive and the ruins of this temple that was once alive with ancient culture.

Erin found this bug, and I think it's magical. If only my picture of Erin's hand next to the bug was in focus, you'd see how big this bug was.

I'm all about contrast. The contrast of shiny hats with the dark ruggedness of the ruins speaks to me.


The architect in me loves the details in buildings.

These sculptures were amazing!

An intricate carving on the wall.

He's smiling with his eyes!

I love how the sash pops!

I love architecture

Wee little baby monkey that we came across on our ride home.

This monkey was a bit gimpy, but very friendly as you can see two people are petting it.

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