New York | Looking Through.

For anyone visiting New York I'd suggest visiting the MTA Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn.  The museum features actual subway cars that you walk through and explore.  I especially loved this part of the museum.  When I'm in any subway car (in a museum or actually in transit) I'm always looking through the windows at the ends.  I love the reflections and layers of images.  It makes me think a lot about life.... To get through life I must go through door after door to get to my destination.  In between me and where I want to get are other stages of life.  The end is in sight but there are life stages to go through first.  You can look at these life stages negatively like one might view the reflections as imperfections in these images, or you can take them on as positives that enhance the end experiences...  these end experiences being a successful business or a family or a home.  I'm rambling, but the true thing--the balanced person stays focused on the goal while savoring what's happening in the present.  I suppose this image just kind of made me think of this, a concept I'd like to put into practice here on out.  Maybe the things we think are bad are actually the things the make life so worth feel the confidence of overcoming something or the appreciation of the good times.

Hope for the future, savor the present, whether good or bad.

Full circle

Regretfully, these are my last hours in New York. And so, the spirit of my rambling, random thoughts...

I'm sitting quietly in United's "Red Carpet Lounge" that has alluded me for the past two years of having status in their mileage program, wondering as I often do, how I got here... (metaphorically of course.) :)  After a long day of packing, walking, new friends and old friends, I feel like I've felt all the emotions one could possibly feel in a single day.  Sadness and happiness.  Peace and uneasiness.  Loneliness and comfort and love.

Feeling both the regret of leaving and anxiousness to be back home with my family.  I don't feel homesick; in fact, I've never felt homesick.  Not since my internship in New York four years ago, have I considered moving to Manhattan until this past trip.  So much was different about this trip than ones before.  Maybe it's the state of my life now.  Or maybe it's natural growth of age.  Either way, I'm more introspective right now than I ever have, perhaps why I'm so conflicted in all my emotions.

Exactly two weeks ago on an early Wednesday morning (about 2:30am) I was dropped off in Harlem by a man who lived in Queens and loved lobster.  I was his last drop off before he'd head home to his family, but still he waited until my friend buzzed me into the building.  This Wednesday morning (about 2:30am) the same man who lived in Queens and loved lobster picked me up.  If that's not full circle, please tell what is!  When I recognized him, I couldn't believe the odds of getting the same driver.

I've been listening to "My Girl" by Dave Barnes for the past two days.  It's a great departure from listening to "Home" also by Dave Barnes, which was so beautifully poetic and melodic but brought my spirits down with its painfully true insights about love and relationships.  So as I listen to "My Girl" there's a smile plastered across my face.  Dave Barnes' jazz version of this song reminds me of the jazz playing as my friend and I ran into his Brooklyn apartment, escaping from rain, peeling off drenched coats and socks and the coziness I feel as the rain continued to pour and the jazz played. On a different note, I also feel like "I've got all the riches one [woman] can claim".  I couldn't tell you what all those riches were, but I'm certain I have them all.

Easter: I love life because He lives.

Side note: Except Karen, all the Asian people I spent time with in New York were younger than me.  All my white friends were significantly older than me.  I thought that was funny.  Also, those Asians were only girls; those non-Asians... all guys.  Ironic, no?

When I stopped sitting in Economy (on airplanes) I noticed I also stopped sitting around young hot guys.  I wondered where all those strikingly handsome business men I used to see went.  I still don't know why they don't sit around me in the airplane, but they certainly do exist.  They're hiding here in the Red Carpet lounge.  drool.  The food here is great.  My stomach was going crazy on the ride to the airport.  I'm thankful I finally have some breakfast in me.

(The picture above is from a coffee shop in the Mission, Dec. 15, 2010)

Marlow and Sons.

I thought I'd post some pictures from my recent trip to New York.  From the upper westside, we trekked all the way to Brooklyn by subway and foot to eat at Marlow and Sons, a common hotspot for Martha Stewart.  The little shop/restaurant/bar reminded me of a little seaside New England mom and pop deli.  I mulled over the menu, indecisively imagining which meal would satisfy my tummy best.  After consulting the waiter and deciding on my meal, I let the charm of the interior sink in. I'm sure if I lived in the area, you'd often find me on my computer at Marlow and Sons.