New York | Looking Through.

For anyone visiting New York I'd suggest visiting the MTA Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn.  The museum features actual subway cars that you walk through and explore.  I especially loved this part of the museum.  When I'm in any subway car (in a museum or actually in transit) I'm always looking through the windows at the ends.  I love the reflections and layers of images.  It makes me think a lot about life.... To get through life I must go through door after door to get to my destination.  In between me and where I want to get are other stages of life.  The end is in sight but there are life stages to go through first.  You can look at these life stages negatively like one might view the reflections as imperfections in these images, or you can take them on as positives that enhance the end experiences...  these end experiences being a successful business or a family or a home.  I'm rambling, but the true thing--the balanced person stays focused on the goal while savoring what's happening in the present.  I suppose this image just kind of made me think of this, a concept I'd like to put into practice here on out.  Maybe the things we think are bad are actually the things the make life so worth feel the confidence of overcoming something or the appreciation of the good times.

Hope for the future, savor the present, whether good or bad.