ain't no rest for the wicked.

new york subway I'd like to pretend that I'm living this glamourous life.  I'd like to say that I'm up at 2:30am because I'm exploring the nightlife here in New York; the truth is, I'm in my pajamas working on my computer.  I've found my groove editing to "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant, and I'd love to say that's my life.  Really my life is "ain't no rest for the girl who has a long to-do list".  And I will say I do love this life where photography, work and travel meet.

The longer I'm a photographer the more I have to learn to balance.  And actually the more I'm able to find the love and the beauty and the silver lining in life.  It seems the less time you have the more you make of what time you do have.  I think I've been reading too much about end-of-life-philosophy.

This whole idea of balance is my biggest challenge and a constant learning process.  I appreciate all my friends and family and clients who've put up with me, encouraged me and full on cheered me through this (constant) life-juggling.

You are awesome. Cheers.

(p.s.  New York is awesome.  WAY awesome.  Don't get me wrong.)


New York | Where are you headed?


It's a new year and still plenty to ruminate about. It's only 17 days into the new year, and I'm happy to report it's been a good 17 days. I wrapped up 11 wonderful days in New York with a posse of wonderful friends and a handful of lovely photography-related meetups.  I came home on a very pleasant flight where I met a nice lady.  Then went home to a nap followed by a yummy dinner prepared by my sister and brother-in-law.  With my sisters, parents and the in-law we sat around the table chatting for hours.  Nowadays I love being at home nearly as much as I love traveling.  When I'm in California I find myself wanting to stay home with my family and being a vegetable.  I rounded off the homecoming week with lots of work, new clients, meetings and plenty of quality time with giggling.

And, hey!  Did I mention I've already finished three books this year.  I'm really stoked.  I'm curious how many books I can read this month (and this year).  It will be exciting.  So I followed up my homecoming fun with dinner and a movie with one of my favorite friends.  I'm sitting here feeling like every day really has been the best day, but wondering where will this year lead me?

Where am I headed?  After filing my estimated taxes today, I realized I doubled my income in 2011 from 2010, but I also increased my expenses by about 50%.  So as I look to the future, I wonder where my hope is?  What am I depending on?  I am a super control freak.  I am a firm believer in "If you want something done right, do it yourself."  I am a borderline perfectionist and can be extremely hard on myself.  (I know. I know. I hide it so well with my wonderfully easy going demeanor. haha) But I want to start off 2012 like I lived 2011.  Focused on God, focused on me and focused on those in my life that I love.  Seems kind of funny to put myself before those I love, huh?  I realized that the more I work on improving myself the better friend, daughter, sister and lady friend I can be to others.  Took some trial and error for me to realize, but I am such a better person than when I started 2011 and that's because I wanted to take care in myself emotionally and spiritually.

I think this year is going to be great.  I turned 28 in a couple of months, and for once I'm very excited.  I asked for a bicycle with a basket.  (crossing my fingers!)  And hopefully I'll get that pedometer that's been on my wishlist for the past three years.  :)  Actually, I already think I'm 28; when people ask my age I say 28 because I forgot I'm still 27.  Exciting.  I have a good feeling about this year.

So where are you headed in 2012?

New York | Looking Through.

For anyone visiting New York I'd suggest visiting the MTA Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn.  The museum features actual subway cars that you walk through and explore.  I especially loved this part of the museum.  When I'm in any subway car (in a museum or actually in transit) I'm always looking through the windows at the ends.  I love the reflections and layers of images.  It makes me think a lot about life.... To get through life I must go through door after door to get to my destination.  In between me and where I want to get are other stages of life.  The end is in sight but there are life stages to go through first.  You can look at these life stages negatively like one might view the reflections as imperfections in these images, or you can take them on as positives that enhance the end experiences...  these end experiences being a successful business or a family or a home.  I'm rambling, but the true thing--the balanced person stays focused on the goal while savoring what's happening in the present.  I suppose this image just kind of made me think of this, a concept I'd like to put into practice here on out.  Maybe the things we think are bad are actually the things the make life so worth feel the confidence of overcoming something or the appreciation of the good times.

Hope for the future, savor the present, whether good or bad.