After Hours.

With all my travels all over the world and the states, I rarely go to southern California.  Logically I think it's too much money to spend $100 to go somewhere else in the state when I can go to a different state for about the same price, or spend and extra $150-250 to go to the east coast.  But alas, I enjoy my southern california friends, so I've been making more of an effort to visit. The first time I visited Angelique and Ricardo in socal, I got such a great welcome: the snuggly Rambo, a great lovely double blow up mattress in their new apartment and a visit to Disneyland after it closed!

When I arrived, Angelique swiftly picked me up, and we headed to Disneyland where we would meet the person who would be selling us the two golden tickets for entrance into Disneyland after hours.  (There was some promotion or something, so Disneyland had given out a limited number of tickets that radio stations were giving out.  Angelique, being so clever, looked on craigslist to find people who were selling their tickets. So that's who we'd be waiting for.)  After a bit of miscommunication we got a hold of tickets!

The night was magical! I love disneyland!

Here's Angelique waiting for our ticket person to give us our tickets!

I love big Christmas trees, don't you??

Buzz Lightyear game!

Space Mountain!


It's a small world!!

Tea cups!



I love crafters

One lovely weekend I was supposed to go to Disneyland with friends and visit my dear friend Ang and her husband, Ric. The original Disneyland plans fell through, but the weekend became soooo much better because of it. (We ended up getting tickets to Disneyland anyway... but that's for another story!) The weekend was filled with lots of laughter, good food, the cutest buddy ever and crafting! Ang was so gracious to show Katy and me how to use the Gocco printer. We busted out some lovely Christmas tags for gifting! All while Ang's little buddy, Rambo, watched!

Where are you??

Nowadays, "Where are you?" and "Where you been?" are often asked to me.  Actually, I'm so out of it sometimes it takes me a second to remember.  I'm rarely home, even when I in Cali.  And when I'm in California, I'm usually buried in my room working or out with friends catching up.  With Christmas right around the corner, many conversations revolve around last year.  People talk about last year, last December and last Christmas, and I can't seem to remember any of those memories. Duh.

I was in Thailand and Cambodia for the first 23 days of December.  (And before that I spent most of last year's November in Seattle and DC).  When I returned home for Christmas, I literally slept through Christmas.  Spending three weeks in another country really kills your internal time clock.  Anyway, instead of reminiscing about last year's Christmas (which I really have no memory of except for pictures), I'll remember the adventure I had in Thailand and Cambodia on the Raddest Photo Trip Ever.  I didn't know it at the time, but I would meet friends who'd become very dear to me.  Over the past year I've been able to visit most of the ones I'm closest to.  I'm so amazed with my unforgettable experiences and super awesome, caring friends. word.

These pictures are courtesy of the lovely Richelle Dante