Yesterday I woke up feeling a little like death, but I had to pick my charger up at the San Francisco Zoo when I shot a wedding there the previous week.   Originally I planned to pick up my charger and spend the day watching animals and brunching at Java Beach cafe.  Instead, in a zombie-like trance I picked up my charger and went to the bank then went straight home.  Along the way I discovered I lost my voice which I learned is really frustrating when it seems the bank teller is so far away.  I must have repeated my account number two or three times before I resorted to writing it down for the poor guy.  Needless to say it was an experience. I felt very strange being unable to raise my voice.  So I got to wondering what'd it be like to be mute.  I'm not sure how much my life would change.  I think I could live with never talking again... and just listening and texting.  I admit it would be difficult to be a wedding or portrait photographer.  I guess I could switch to photojournalist.  I'd like that.

Anyway, here are more pictures with my iPhone using the VSCO camera.  Truthfully I think it's a great camera and app, but I don't like making it a habit of using my phone to take pictures.  I still like my big camera best.  Next time I visit the zoo, he will be my buddy.