Ups and Downs

It seems that life is like a sine graph. Do you guys remember that from trigonometry?  Sine, cosine and tangent??  I don't.  But I remember what the graph looked like.  Anyways, I remember as a freshman in college, I went to my brother's computer engineering lab.  He showed me the results of his (very) complicated experiment that he was working on, but all it looked like was a sine graph to me.... you know.. like a consistent, rhythmic wave.

So today that got me thinking... life sometimes seems so complicated, but really it's just a sine graph with consistent ups and downs.  You can't really have an up without a down or down without a up or it'd just be a mountain or just a valley.  When I'm in a "down" my life seems soooo complicated and I feel like such a girl for getting overwhelmed with everything.  Then in an "up" I feel like life is so carefree, but actually a complex combination of events and circumstances has brought me to that place of up.

There will consistently be ups and downs in life.  I think it's nice to take a step back and see the "sine graph" of life, and remind myself to continue to pursue happiness for myself despite my time of up or down.

Life's kind of great like that.

p.s. Little known fact... I love Abe Lincoln and have read a ton of biographies about him.

Le sigh. (a good le sigh)

I am bursting at the seams thinking about a potential job possibility. hurray. a possible perfect job for me! On another note, September is catching up with me. (specifically traveling since August 31st has exhausted me. Long layovers and sleeping on couches and uncomfortable futons.)

Here, I leave you with this picture. Her expression kind of captures my spirit at the moment. Besides.. we both have dark hair. (I googled "joyful pinup" and found her. I like these.

Image from here. (an actually randomly inspiring blog)

when the dog bites....

These are a few of my favorite things

- exploring new places - when someone laughs at my joke - camping and being in dense forest - traveling - when I lose something and someone returns it to me - getting letters, postcards or packages in the mail - capturing moments with my camera - get-to-know-you talks with new/old friends

Waking up from a sweet dream, knowing the day before was amazing and wondering what wonderful things can happen today!