I feel warm and cozy working in an office again. (I'm not working at an office job... I'm doing my own work in my sister's office. But I have a cube and everything. So grown up, I know!) Hmmm.. I'm crossing my fingers that one day that freelance studio becomes affordable. I miss working in an office with act ceiling and non-plush carpet. sigh. desk + chairs are nice too! hurray.

Le sigh. (a good le sigh)

I am bursting at the seams thinking about a potential job possibility. hurray. a possible perfect job for me! On another note, September is catching up with me. (specifically traveling since August 31st has exhausted me. Long layovers and sleeping on couches and uncomfortable futons.)

Here, I leave you with this picture. Her expression kind of captures my spirit at the moment. Besides.. we both have dark hair. (I googled "joyful pinup" and found her. I like these.

Image from here. (an actually randomly inspiring blog)