Meg the builder

I am Meg. I am an unemployed architectural designer. I am currently looking for any job in the architecture or construction fields. My real passion is architecture and one day hope to end up working for a general contractor. I've stared at a lot of construction sites recently(longingly wishing I was working on) and had a few thoughts.......

The reasons why I love construction sites. 1. I like to see how things are built. 2. I love to see how the project progresses 3. I like to wear hard hats. 4. I love how the laborers bring their lunches in mini coolers. 5. I like to look at materials. 6. Big cranes and machinery are cool!

The reasons why I don't like construction sties 1. It's dirty.. and not just a little dirty.... but really, really dirty, especially when it rains 2. Constructions sites are like being at a stereotypical fraternity house. Let's just say they get really manly and their choice of words and subjects of conversations show it. 3. Work boots aren't the most stylish or comfortable shoes 4. They're noisy and will wake you up if you live by one. (or if there is construction one level below your hotel room) 5. Working construction is a 50 hour work week. eck.

image from here.

Le sigh. (a good le sigh)

I am bursting at the seams thinking about a potential job possibility. hurray. a possible perfect job for me! On another note, September is catching up with me. (specifically traveling since August 31st has exhausted me. Long layovers and sleeping on couches and uncomfortable futons.)

Here, I leave you with this picture. Her expression kind of captures my spirit at the moment. Besides.. we both have dark hair. (I googled "joyful pinup" and found her. I like these.

Image from here. (an actually randomly inspiring blog)