I often try to remind myself of God's faithfulness, but sometimes it's hard to remember. Recently, with some good uplifting company and some really great messages it's hard not to remember. :) Then I come across this blog (a little sister of a crafter, whose blog I love to read), and I think WAH-POW. God is just so great. If only everyone remembered it like this girl who wrote:

"Dear God, please grow me to have a confidence that is grounded completely and totally in you."

It makes me warm and fuzzy just thinking about this 18 year old girl who hasn't forgotten God's immeasurable blessing in her life.

the Megan/craftyarchitect project.

There really isn't any Megan/craftyarchitect project (except for "one a days", which I am in need of posting), but after watching Julie & Julia, I've been inspired. 


I woke up early this morning, hopped onto the bus and fell asleep blissfully on the bart train.  When I reached my destination I realized my friend had called and had to cancel our meet up.  So I wandered the streets, picked up travel books about Thailand/Cambodia, ate some Thai food (purely coincidence that I only realized now), shopped at the end (only to find a 25% coupon in the mail today when I got home)... and indulged myself in movie.

For any bloggers out there, I'd recommend the movie.  Watching the it really made me want to write in my blog like I used to when I knew no one was reading it.  Now that people do read it, including people who know me, I'll still have to censor a bulk of my thoughts, but I thought I'd share more substance to my posts!  

The focus of my blog used to be crafts, then it was photography, then it was other stuff... it's all over the place.  But I finally realized the topic and focus of this blog is me.  

"Hello, my name is 'All Over the Place'.  Nice to meet you!"

True Inspiration

I can really appreciate this quote. When I was in architecture school, they'd encourage us to take ideas that work from precedents and make them their own. I really miss my professors. I miss my thesis professor most. She was the greatest. She was very frank and honest. She'd tell me everything I needed to know and hear, then let me make my own decisions. Take her advice or ignore it, she didn't mind. She just provided us with all the knowledge and feedback we'd need to succeed. Karen Lange-what an awesome professor.

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