the Megan/craftyarchitect project.

There really isn't any Megan/craftyarchitect project (except for "one a days", which I am in need of posting), but after watching Julie & Julia, I've been inspired. 


I woke up early this morning, hopped onto the bus and fell asleep blissfully on the bart train.  When I reached my destination I realized my friend had called and had to cancel our meet up.  So I wandered the streets, picked up travel books about Thailand/Cambodia, ate some Thai food (purely coincidence that I only realized now), shopped at the end (only to find a 25% coupon in the mail today when I got home)... and indulged myself in movie.

For any bloggers out there, I'd recommend the movie.  Watching the it really made me want to write in my blog like I used to when I knew no one was reading it.  Now that people do read it, including people who know me, I'll still have to censor a bulk of my thoughts, but I thought I'd share more substance to my posts!  

The focus of my blog used to be crafts, then it was photography, then it was other stuff... it's all over the place.  But I finally realized the topic and focus of this blog is me.  

"Hello, my name is 'All Over the Place'.  Nice to meet you!"

Day 136: Movie + Ice Cream + Sleepover = Brilliant

While my brother was away directing a high school summer camp, my sister-in-law and I spent one wonderful summery night relaxing. (Which is rare for both of us. It's not uncommon for us to be up way past midnight working.) We ate dinner at a tasty restaurant (I can't remember the name) that was beautifully decorated. Headed back to her house for some ice cream with fruit and watched a movie that she was raving about during our trip to New Zealand. I also forgot the name of the movie we watched. Either way... the ice cream was delicious and the company was great. I love sleepovers! 232day136a



Day 049: New Discoveries

142day049Every now and then I run into something amazing and wonder, "How have I missed this?!"  I've been up and down Park Street in Alameda and have never noticed this beautiful theater.  I really love the old style ones like this, with the big marquee.  I think this one in particular is super fabulous.  I love the pale blue marquee with the cream facade... and the details are wonderful!  This is the architect in me coming out.