Day 214: Hello, Little Buddy!

When I was in Japan, I had the tastiest sour apple juice. I've never seen it since.. not even for the rest of my Japan trip. So I was super excited when I saw it at a Japanese grocery story in the south bay. Well, I kind of saw it. The sour apple juice look like this but it was green, this particular bottle in the pictures was just the plain apple juice. Nonetheless I'm certain that I'll find the sour version of this little guy. :) 328day214a


Day 004: Not so sweet sweets!

098day004a 098day004b

I went to a bakery the other day and was reminded of my experiences in Japan, Hong Kong and China. Over there are trays of fresh and packaged pastries. You take an empty basket or tray and go around and pick up what you want. The pastries are light and fluffy and subtly sweet. The desserts, snacks and candies are tooooo sweet in hte states. Not so sweet sweets.

Oh how I miss Asia.


When I visited Japan, there were the Japanese equivalent to the American dollar stores. They were call the 100 Yen stores. Everything in the store cost 100 yen which is approximately 80 cents. Well, when I came back to the states, I was pretty bummed that I couldn't find any of their cute stuff over here. So you could imagine how surprised I was to find a store called DAISO, that was pretty much an 100 Yen store. Most things are $1.50 while some items are slightly more expensive. Anyway, besides buying ninja socks (think toe socks but with a twist). Here are some great things I buy at daiso.

packaging tape

cloud notecards

cute baggies!

happy shopping, friends! There's so much more at your local Daiso!

oh, the last day

2007 was amazing. Here are the many things I am thankful for in 2007 - My niece was born - I went on many trips: New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Japan, Europe - I met my wonderful boyfriend - I graduated - I started my first full time job.

oh the many wonders of growing up.

Happy New Year, everyone!