RPTE 42: Living on Water

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 17: Cambodia

On the last day of our stay in Cambodia, we embarked on a journey with our tuk-tuk drivers to a town built on a river. We traveled through the water in our boat, amazed by the homes that were either built on stilts or floating directly on the water.  Thanks to Richelle and her candy and her big heart, children flocked to us.

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Day 230: Rain

[ Another New York Trip ]: Day 4 There was only one other time I visited New York when it rained, and even then it only rained for one day. I was wearing flats and a coat and using an umbrella. That day my friend took me to the Brooklyn Brewery all the way out on Long Island, almost to Montauk. It's windy and crowded in New York, so that umbrella was pretty much useless.

When I knew it would rain on this trip with Katy, Alison and Alice, I purposely chose not to bring an umbrella. To my demise, it was pouring and I was wearing a sweater.. not a coat. I think if I was wearing the cap and coat I brought, specifically for the rain, I would have been better off. I love the rain anyway, so walking around in it wasn't so bad. Besides, the foot massage we had at the end of the day was really well worth the day of rain.

Day 212: Another relaxing day...

[ New York/Texas Trip ]: Day 20 I had an absolutely amazing time in Corpus Christi. I got super tan and got eaten up by tons of little bug bites. The thing about Corpus Christi that I loved was.... The water is soooo shallow and warm that I could go way out into the ocean. I kept finding tons of tiny little hermit crabs. There was a lot of tasty seafood. Corpus Christi is a cute beach town. You can drive on the beach. :)

This will be my last picture from my New York/Texas Trip, but I spent two more days in Texas after this day in Corpus Christi.



Day 116: A little early.

I was running a little late when I hopped on BART. I was supposed to be at Ghiradelli Square by 10am for a bridal shower and at it was about 9am. I would need to BART then bus in order to get there... meaning I'd have to time public transportation perfectly to get there on time. By the time I hopped off of BART, I opted for a cab. It took a bit of time but I got there a couple minutes before 10am. I wandered around and arrived at the restaurant right on the dot! It was completely empty.

Evidently I got the time completely wrong. I had been sent a "save the date" evite for the bridal shower which include a time frame for the day. Even though I later received a formal invitation with the exact time of the bridal shower, I chose to look at the evite instead. NUTS! The shower was at 1pm and I was three hours early.

I called a friend, and we filled our time with breakfast by the water and glorious wandering.