I feel warm and cozy working in an office again. (I'm not working at an office job... I'm doing my own work in my sister's office. But I have a cube and everything. So grown up, I know!) Hmmm.. I'm crossing my fingers that one day that freelance studio becomes affordable. I miss working in an office with act ceiling and non-plush carpet. sigh. desk + chairs are nice too! hurray.

sister time!

My sister-in-law and I spent some good quality time at the renegade craft fair a bit ago, and only now have I been able to post. For our love of crafts and all things artsy-crafty we went to the renegade craft fair for some major (window) shopping! Afterwards, I got in some good time to take photographs. I love the one above... it just makes me smile....

we walk next to each other...

And of course, I must have a picture of my feet. I love my tomato orange scarf

oh... and she brought the dog! I love his big head!

and finally, my lovely sister! I took this from the dashboard on timer, but i missed my face in the passenger side. eek. So it became just a picture of her! woot woot!

the legion of honor!!

I love museums, and luckily two things happened. I have a sister-in-law who enjoys museums as well and Annie Leibovitz had a show there! Hurray. The exhibit was amazing. I loved it. She's truly talented. Of course I wanted some prints of my own but could not afford them. So,.... the great sister that she is.. she bought me three postcards of the prints. Three prints that I really loved were, luckily, in the postcard collection. Here are some great photos of my trip to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Parking was scarce... so we parked on the grass behind the museum.

my sister...

I must say that is sculpture is just absolutely amazing.

all in all.. it was great, eventful day. I have more on this topic to come!