Day 088: This little piggy went to the market

One of the best ways, in my opinion, to experience the local flavor while traveling is to visit the local market.. flea, food, farmers..etc. This particular fair that we went to was especially wonderful. It was the Rocks weekend market at the Rocks in the Circular Quay by the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The market was filled with delightful crafts and unique art. My sister-in-law and I picked up some great art pieces at two different artists' booths. (Both booths were manned by siblings of the artists. Precious, I know). When I can, I'll post pictures of the pieces I bought. For now, look at the picture below and try to imagine all the hussle and bussle of this fabulous market! 180day088

Day 086: The view from our boat

Somewhere during our vacation, the road trip became a boat trip. Of course I had to take photos from our boat of the fabulous views we were passing on our Sydney harbour cruise. Here are the highlights.. the bridge and the opera house. And of course a self-portrait... I think perhaps the first and only picture of me on this blog. 178day086a