Travel Hello

In the past week, a good number of people have asked, "Just how much traveling have you done since you were unemployed?"  So for just my own personal memories... I thought I'd list out all my adventures since I was laid off.  Each trip is linked to one of my favorite posts about that location/trip. 2008 (19 days) - Oahu - Shanghai. Beijing

2009 (103 days) - San Diego. Disneyland - Australia: Port Campbell, Melbourne, Sydney, Philips Island. New Zealand: the south island - Las Vegas. Zion National Park, Utah - Disneyland - Los Angeles. Phoenix.  Albuquerque.  Santa Fe.  El Paso.  San Antonio.  Austin - New York. San Antonio. Corpus Christi - Las Vegas - New York - Washington, D.C.. Seattle - Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket, Kanchanaburi. Cambodia: Siem Reap, Tonle Sap. Thailand: Bangkok

2010 (49 days and counting) - Augusta, Georgia. San Antonio. Fort Collins, Colorado - Peru: Cuzco, Lake Titicaca, Amazon rain forest - Las Vegas - New York - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Port Au Prince, Haiti - Atlanta - Las Vegas - Las Vegas - Louisiana: Zachary, Baton Rouge, New Orleans

coming up.... - Seattle - Las Vegas? - Greece? - Shanghai? - Japan? - South Africa....

With that... here's a picture from Bobby Earle and his recent trip to Kruger

2010 -

Day 088: This little piggy went to the market

One of the best ways, in my opinion, to experience the local flavor while traveling is to visit the local market.. flea, food, farmers..etc. This particular fair that we went to was especially wonderful. It was the Rocks weekend market at the Rocks in the Circular Quay by the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The market was filled with delightful crafts and unique art. My sister-in-law and I picked up some great art pieces at two different artists' booths. (Both booths were manned by siblings of the artists. Precious, I know). When I can, I'll post pictures of the pieces I bought. For now, look at the picture below and try to imagine all the hussle and bussle of this fabulous market! 180day088

Day 085: Seafood in Sydney

177day085Australia and New Zealand surprisingly had great food.  I had never heard of Australia food, though I'm not sure if it really exists.  Down under isn't necessarily known for its type of food, from my understanding, but for the ingredients of their staple food, which include seafood and lamb, among other things.  I did what I could to eat whatever seafood I could get my hands on.   This tasty shrimp, smoke salmon and arugula salad from James Squire on the Darling Harbor was one of my favorites.  (The fish and chips at Doyles at Watsons Bay was a close second. yum.)

Day 080: Watsons Bay

When in Sydney, the thing to do is take a Harbour cruise around the famous Sydney Harbour. We decided to buy the tour that let you hop on and off the boat. One of our stops was Watsons Bay. It was a cute little seaside town with lots of hidden areas to explore... (excluding the nude beach that was actually kind of alarming.) Below are some of the cute little hidden treasures we found in this town. 172day080a