Peru 16: Care for a jungle cruise?

Day 8: Amazon rain forest. Our exploration of the Amazonian rain forest included two separate boat rides.  The first as shown in the picture below on the left through a river, the second ride shown on the picture below to the right through a lake.  In both rides our guide, Alex, had to bail out all the water that had accumulated in the boats from the rain.  For our first boat trip, all five us rowed up and down the river.  We then hiked to a lake, and seeing how some of the girls struggled with the rowing, Alex decided he'd row us through the lake by himself... that and there was only one oar.

I can't describe how breathtaking the rain forest is.  At every turn of the river, I felt as if we entered a new scene in an epic movie.

Day 086: The view from our boat

Somewhere during our vacation, the road trip became a boat trip. Of course I had to take photos from our boat of the fabulous views we were passing on our Sydney harbour cruise. Here are the highlights.. the bridge and the opera house. And of course a self-portrait... I think perhaps the first and only picture of me on this blog. 178day086a




ferry me there

I've lived in the bay area, but I can't remember if I've been on the ferry. I've been on the ferry from San Francisco to Alcatraz, but I think that's it. Either way, this ferry ride from Alameda to the Giants game was quite an adventure. I got to pass by many barges carrying those huge freights. And, of course I passed those dinosaur looking structure things that I love; i made a quick sketch of them once while riding the bart

All in all, riding the ferry was beautiful! The weather was great, and there were great views of the city and bridges!