Day 007: BART

101day007 BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit. It's the subway train used in the Bay Area. Anyway, I always enjoy the time I spend riding it. Recently I just got one of those cards that lets you swipe through the turnstiles. I've been so busy with work that I haven't been able to use it. Bummer.

Oh yes... you heard me correctly! I have been working. I haven't found an architecture job, but my freelance photography projects have been flowing in. I am so excited to have income again!

ferry me there

I've lived in the bay area, but I can't remember if I've been on the ferry. I've been on the ferry from San Francisco to Alcatraz, but I think that's it. Either way, this ferry ride from Alameda to the Giants game was quite an adventure. I got to pass by many barges carrying those huge freights. And, of course I passed those dinosaur looking structure things that I love; i made a quick sketch of them once while riding the bart

All in all, riding the ferry was beautiful! The weather was great, and there were great views of the city and bridges!