Travel Hello

In the past week, a good number of people have asked, "Just how much traveling have you done since you were unemployed?"  So for just my own personal memories... I thought I'd list out all my adventures since I was laid off.  Each trip is linked to one of my favorite posts about that location/trip. 2008 (19 days) - Oahu - Shanghai. Beijing

2009 (103 days) - San Diego. Disneyland - Australia: Port Campbell, Melbourne, Sydney, Philips Island. New Zealand: the south island - Las Vegas. Zion National Park, Utah - Disneyland - Los Angeles. Phoenix.  Albuquerque.  Santa Fe.  El Paso.  San Antonio.  Austin - New York. San Antonio. Corpus Christi - Las Vegas - New York - Washington, D.C.. Seattle - Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket, Kanchanaburi. Cambodia: Siem Reap, Tonle Sap. Thailand: Bangkok

2010 (49 days and counting) - Augusta, Georgia. San Antonio. Fort Collins, Colorado - Peru: Cuzco, Lake Titicaca, Amazon rain forest - Las Vegas - New York - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Port Au Prince, Haiti - Atlanta - Las Vegas - Las Vegas - Louisiana: Zachary, Baton Rouge, New Orleans

coming up.... - Seattle - Las Vegas? - Greece? - Shanghai? - Japan? - South Africa....

With that... here's a picture from Bobby Earle and his recent trip to Kruger

2010 -

Day 209: Zoo + Meg = happiness.

[ New York/Texas Trip ]: Day 13 323day209 Evidently the San Antonio Zoo has the largest variety of animals in the US. I don't really know what that means because I didn't really see that many different animals. Maybe because there were so many birds and reptiles and such. I was excited to see the Rhinoceros and Giraffes. yay.  This little lizard had a beautiful tail!

Day 185: Rest

285day185 The lovely thing about San Antonio is that I had a strict schedule. Wake up at 9am and work out at the gym for about an hour. Get home, shower and eat lunch at around 11am. Work until 4pm when I watched Gilmore Girls and had a snack. At 5pm read until 6pm then hang out with friends. Work for a couple hours, then in bed by 11 or midnight! I really enjoy reading. I most especially enjoyed my reading times in San Antonio. I'd sit in the kitchen with this gorgeous light or outdoors when it rained or snuggled up in bed. It was so incredibly peaceful. I wish I could leave the hustle and bustle of California and be back in the quietness of my Texan vacation.


p.s.  that's me!  Oh how I love timer!