Paris Engagement Photography | W & K

W & K and I were meant to be.  I met them at my friend's holiday party last Christmas and instantly clicked with W.  She was everything I love about my friends... down-to-earth, genuine, hilarious... not to mention gorgeous.  I hate to admit that I'm pretty jealous of how good looking she and K are together.  How are we not all that lucky?  While chatting it up at the party I discovered that K was actually Parisian! So while asking him for suggestions for my upcoming (December 2012) trip, they told me that they were actually going to be in Paris and the same time as me!  I convinced them to do a portrait session out there and we ended up with some great pictures and a fabulous time.

K's son came to be a part of the pictures and I loved the ones I captured of the two of them.

Paris | the Palace of Versailles

"Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction,whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments." -Plato

The Palace of Versailles is just right outside of Paris. It's a short train ride out. Like the Louvre and the other tourist attractions in Paris, the Palace of Versailles was quite crowded.  Within the palace there's actually very little room for tourists to wander.  The parts of the palace accessible to the general public could be described as what cattle feel like when they're herded into a very small room to get butchered.  We were sardines.  At times the other tourists and I were smashed up against each other and not even moving.  It was quite frustrating and scary and uncomfortable and odd... odd because most invariably we would be stuck because of some tour group or inconsiderate person in front of everyone just standing there blocking the walkways and exits.

Sidenote: I really would not suggest visiting Paris in December.  Supposedly it's the "off-season", but what they don't tell you is everyone in France is visiting Paris at that time in addition to all the random Americans on holiday.  The lines to get into places were hours long.

Anyway I was really excited to explore the Palace of Versailles.  The actually building and artifacts weren't the most impressive compared to other places in Europe that I've visited, but the sure volume and history of it was fascinating.  It's amazing to me that this palace has stayed mostly in tact through the French Revolution and both World Wars.  The fact nobody plundered this palace despite hating Marie Antoinette for life of extravagance is beyond me.

As I walked around I wondered what it'd be like to live during that day.  The only things I remember was that King Louis XIV was the first to live here, and that one of the King Louis' was so stinky (he didn't like to bathe and supposed refused to let anyone else) that they used perfume to curb the stench.  So I wondered if it was very smelly at Versailles.

The gardens were magnificent.  I was actually more in awe of these than the actual palace.

paris | running thoughts

I traveled to Europe this holiday season. I visited Paris, Milan and Rome with my cousin. We left the day after Christmas and came back to the states two weeks later.

This trip was very interesting to me.  I traveled to Europe five years ago after graduating college.  I visited with another cousin and two of our friends.  We did one of those rite-of-passage backpacking trips, staying in hostels and visiting European cities two or three days at a time.  I had very minimal travel experience at the time, so it was quite interesting to visit Europe again after my numerous trips around the world.  These two European adventures had many things in common, but I was more interested to experience the differences.

First off, I remember being quite exhausted visiting Paris the first time.  On my 2007 trip, Paris was one of the last cities, and after almost four weeks of walking and seeing art, I recalled feeling "over" our trip.  I saw very few things in Paris the first time.  This time around I had a lot of energy (well, relatively... work had drained me of energy).  When I went in 2007 I also remember feeling like I was constantly on the defensive against strangers and pickpocketers.  Now that I've traveled a ton, I understand the way I move and travel, so I felt quite confident I wouldn't get "attacked".  So you could say I felt quite at ease.  This time around I also dressed more like a "local".  Now that I travel, long gone are the "tourist clothes".  As I travel more and grow up, I tend to dress more "sophisticated" and pulled-together.  So you'll rarely see me in touristy clothes or with a touristy bag.  I've learned it's safer for me to carry a purse that I'm familiar with instead of one of those bags that all the tourists wear.

Like my first trip, I remembered how romantic Europe was. In a way I longed to experience these cities with a man I loved.  As my cousin and I traveled through the city, I remembered writing home to my college boyfriend about the things I knew he would appreciate or that reminded me of him. It was very interesting to experience this trip single (very single).  Honestly, it felt strange to be on a trip without a man waiting for me at home.  One of these days, I'll drag a man friend along with me.

Paris, Milan and Rome did not feel new to me.  I was a bit disappointed with that.  I did not see it with the wonder or curiosity I hope I would.  Although I saw new things europe on this trip seemed kind of ordinary.  It could be because of my company. (My cousin was great company.)  But for the most part a lot of my big trips have been with artistic people who long to see the world in the same wonder I desire, and so oftentimes we feed off each other's excitement.  Photographers are the best travel companions.

All in all... I had a lovely time.  I'll be sharing more once I'm all caught up on my work!

For now, enjoy this picture of the Paris Metro at the "Nation" stop.  And I should note that I got a hoot that our apartment was on Rue Alexandre Dumas.  I was surprised I actually knew who the guy was.  woot.  Thank you, English class.

Eiffel Tower Portrait Photographer | love

"I have never felt so in love."


I made a very wise decision one day to buy a LOMO fisheye camera. I love how these pictures from my europe trip came out. The quality isn't so good, but it gives the photographs a lot of personality. (And, I don't have a scanner, so I had to take a picture of the hard copies) Either, way I'm really pleased I brought this camera with me to Europe (along with my small point and shoot)