Day 076: Must-See Melbourne

The Queen Victoria Market is definitely a must-see when visiting Melbourne. It's an outdoor and outdoor marketplace with anything from cute boutiques filled with one-of-a-kind finds, foods, wine, clothes and visual overload. The QVM is definitely a place to experience. Luckily for us, there was a Turkish festival that same day. The market was filled with brightly colored costumes, exotic music and tasty ethnic foods. yum. 168day076a


Day 067: Tid Bits... Ink & Spindle 3

It's just two stained aprons, but sooo visually interesting.159day067a

My favorite print of all time. I love trees. 159day067b

Beautiful. 159day067c

Super drool. All the fabrics that I wanted to buy, but did not. 159day067d

I don't have pictures of the fabric booty that I bought, but I have the bag! 159day067e

don't forget to visit ink & spindle, lara and bianca!

Day 066: The Studio... Ink & Spindle 2

wall of some visually pleasing stuff.158day066a

meet my handsome brother standing next to the table where the screen-printing-of-fabric magic happens! 158day066b

where the magic washes off the screens 158day066c

where the mixing of pains occurs! 158day066d

they just use an ordinary kitchen mixer to mix paints. pretty. 158day066e

don't forget to visit ink & spindle, lara and bianca!